Sunday, April 5, 2009

Memphis City Schools..Spring Break March 2009

I took my nephews to my husband's and I favorite vacation the mountains for their SpringBreak09. This was my first time washing my hair while vacationing away from home and it felt weird. My hair was sooo dry (4 1/2 weeks post), and I didn't want to have a set-back so I went to the local Walmart to purchase some of the same items I use at home, that were left behind on purpose except for my olive oil mix and Chi. I knew I couldn't walk around on vacation with my hair looking crazy so I finally got on the bus and bought a flat iron. I washed my hair and wet wrapped, put on satin scarf and dried about 10-15% with scarf on with the hotel's dryer, then I flat ironed the next evening. I loved the results and I'm glad I did it. So, the next time I'm traveling, I'm not going to let my hair suffer and not going to miss wash days because I'm on the road.

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